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OBJECT rotterdam 2013 with gallery Industry and Centraal Museum

OBJECT Rotterdam is the fair for contemporary design and will be held during Art Rotterdam in the Netherlands Architecture Institute/The New Institute, situated in the Rotterdam Museumpark. OBJECT Rotterdam presents the most current developments in Dutch and international design. The fair is a platform for the latest limited editions and one-offs from well-known and upcoming designers working in different design disciplines and various materials.

photo adriaan van dam

The production of  place [workshops] 15th  -­  18th December

The  production  of  place

Workshop  2  [furniture  essays]  

Alan  Chandler  &  Tejo Remy

Workshop, london , UEL, alan chandler, flex formworks.

Design Days Dubai

Design Days Dubai


March 2013

Gwangju Biennale Korea

Design Bienale Saint Etienne

Monarch school san diego has a social fence

The Monarch school San diego, CA .

This spring has the Monarch school a new building, a old industrial warehouse is converted to a school building for homeless childern. The playground around the school building is completed with the Social Fence. We are proud that the school did choose for our fence. We wishes the childern all the best for a good start.


playground monarch school

Gwangju biennale 2013

Gwangju biennale 2013

Робинзоны дизайна: Тейо Реми и Рене Веенхейзен о ручном труде и отказе от абстракции


Основатели известного голландского ателье предметного дизайна Remy&Veenhuizen недавно выступили с лекцией в рамках запуска творческо-производственной территории «Мехдвор» в арт-парке «Никола-Ленивец». Тейо Реми и Рене Веенхейзен рассказали «Теориям и практикам» о том, что общего у дизайна с поэзией, насколько важно раскрыть в предмете качества материала и почему каждый из нас немножко Робинзон.


La manufature

La manufature at the Greenhouse

Exhibition at La galerie Nationale in Dubai

 La galerie Nationale in Dubai