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The world + Our Toolkit

Book:  the world = our toolkit,  atelier Remy & Veenhuizen


How did the famous chest of drawers came about? And why is it’s real tittle: You can’t lay down your memory? What where the circumstances that lead to designing the Accidental Carpet? And what is their first public-art project in the US?This and many other questions will  be answered in their new book “The world = our toolkit” about the designs of Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen.The book not only shows us their famous highlights but also contains many images of models, prototypes and how some products are made. Besides a lot of information about the background and development of their projects, the book contains many previously unpublished sketches and images of models and prototypes.

On the basis of a long conversation with design-journalist Jeroen Junte ,you will make a visual and textual journey a long national and international projects. But apart from that it is a book about the fun, love and energy of inventing and creating.


Concept & Design: Esther de Vries Interview: Jeroen Junte  Essay: Ida van Zijl  Translation: Willem Kramer  Lithography: Mark Gijzen  Printer: Wilco Art book Photography in the studio: Andre Witkam   Number of pages: 192  ISBN: 978-94-6226-153-2  Language: English  Edition: 1500  Publisher: Lecturis

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