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architectural healing

City scape gallery Koepel gevangenis in Haarlem



Poeticas Holandesas

balancing act

The world + Our Toolkit

Book:  the world = our toolkit,  atelier Remy & Veenhuizen


no man is island

TEJO REMY Y RENÉ VEENHUIZEN “Our world as a toolkit”

Fundación Caja de Burgos se complace en invitar a Ud. a la inauguración de las exposiciones:

PEDRO REYES “El juego de la vida” TEJO REMY Y RENÉ VEENHUIZEN “Our world as a toolkit”

Con la colaboración de la Embajada del Reino de los Países Bajos.

Tendrá lugar el próximo día 13 de febrero, viernes, a las 20.00 horas en el Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos CAB.



Pre-sale Boek Remy & Veenhuizen

pre-sale boek



opening hours: 3pm - 7pm during the Design Week: 11am - 8pm

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EXPOSICIÓN: del 25 febrero al 18 de marzo


Exhibition at La galerie Nationale in Dubai

 La galerie Nationale in Dubai

Робинзоны дизайна: Тейо Реми и Рене Веенхейзен о ручном труде и отказе от абстракции

Основатели известного голландского ателье предметного дизайна Remy&Veenhuizen недавно выступили с лекцией в рамках запуска творческо-производственной территории «Мехдвор» в арт-парке «Никола-Ленивец». Тейо Реми и Рене Веенхейзен рассказали «Теориям и практикам» о том, что общего у дизайна с поэзией, насколько важно раскрыть в предмете качества материала и почему каждый из нас немножко Робинзон.


Gwangju biennale 2013

Gwangju biennale 2013

Monarch school san diego has a social fence

The Monarch school San diego, CA .

This spring has the Monarch school a new building, a old industrial warehouse is converted to a school building for homeless childern. The playground around the school building is completed with the Social Fence. We are proud that the school did choose for our fence. We wishes the childern all the best for a good start.


playground monarch school

Design Bienale Saint Etienne

La manufature

La manufature at the Greenhouse

Gwangju Biennale Korea

Design Days Dubai

Design Days Dubai


March 2013

OBJECT rotterdam 2013 with gallery Industry and Centraal Museum

OBJECT Rotterdam is the fair for contemporary design and will be held during Art Rotterdam in the Netherlands Architecture Institute/The New Institute, situated in the Rotterdam Museumpark. OBJECT Rotterdam presents the most current developments in Dutch and international design. The fair is a platform for the latest limited editions and one-offs from well-known and upcoming designers working in different design disciplines and various materials.

photo adriaan van dam

The production of  place [workshops] 15th  -­  18th December

The  production  of  place

Workshop  2  [furniture  essays]  

Alan  Chandler  &  Tejo Remy

Workshop, london , UEL, alan chandler, flex formworks.


  • photo: bob goedewagen
    Chest of Drawers 'You can't lay down your memory'
  • Clubhouse
  • Water Pollution Control Plant, Ripple, Arlington, fence enhancement
    Ripple (Rimpeling), Arlington VA US
  • Ragchair
  • Picture Point
  • City ranch
  • Photo: Marcel Loermans
    Milkbottle Lamp
  • Reef Bench
  • Lighty loaded
  • Multi-Vase
  • Social Fence
  • Cloud light
  • Photo: Adriaan van Dam
    Accidental Carpet
  • 't Stekje: Concrete Furniture
  • Digestion wall
  • Photo: Mels v. Zuphten
    Tennisball Bench
  • the house of miffy
    House of Miffy (Nijntje)
  • Bamboo Chair
  • Furniture for House of Miffy (Nijntje)
  • Met mij alles goed' (I'm Allright)
  • Glass Arrangements
  • De Binnenkamer (Inside our head)
  • Ölke Bölke
  • the crate
    Cinekid Cinema Crate
  • Curtain and Wallpaper
  • Photo: Laurens Kuipers
    Café Caspar
  • 'Honey I'm home!'
  • photo : Peter Cox
  • Foam Furniture
  • Photo: Herbert Wiggerman
    Leaf Furniture
  • Led Lamp
  • Photo: Jannes Linders
    Reception Area Autotechnics Department
  • foto adriaan van dam
    Tube Table
  • Photo: Mels v. Zuphten
    Restaurant Area Ministerial Staff Cantine
  • collection SF Moma
    Concrete Furniture
  • 't Stekje: Reefbench
  • No man is a Island, Poptahof Delft

About / biography

Tejo Remy
Rene Veenhuizen

“By making everything our material the world is our toolkit, we transform the familiar and
incorporate the circumstances. By applying this as a kind of design rule we create our own freedom.”

Remy&Veenhuizen use the available data as their means. They take the liberty to label anything as working materiaal: the information the space indicates, the limitations of the assignment or the material that they encounter. Then they start playing. In every design project they seek for new leads and develop a specific mindset that comes from within the project. Thus each project is designed from its own parameters and creates its own image.

The considerations in this process are capricious and without hierarchy, without guidelines and with space for twisted thoughts and poetry. Remy&Veenhuizen are not pragmatic, but explore, experiment and discover. Nothing comes first and the outcome is always unknown. They also throw away their principles on a regular basis: could it be something else as well? Positive randomness characterizes their attitude to design. There is no single best solution, its about considered arbitrariness. The moment in which something occurs is important. They want to give meaning if and when it happens. They want to work in the here and now, in their own reality. Capricious logic leads to materialized poetry.

The philosophy underlying the work of Remy&Veenhuizen can not be read immediately, but the underlying idea must be felt. Therein lies the imagination. They are looking for a form that has meaning for the user. Finding that form they consider their responsibility to the outside world, only then can their work generate added value.

Rock bottom simplicity is a characteristic of their designs. They use simple solutions to structural problems. By their way of working, new and unexpected applications of materials arise. Everyday materials get a different context and sometimes a new use. A design often combines several functions. Thereby the work is imaginative in the construction: ornament, function and construction form an inseparable whole.


Remy&Veenhuizen work both within and outside the Netherlands for clients as Droog Design, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam; Fashion Hotel Modez, Governments Building Agency (Rijksgebouwendienst), Cinekid and design for various schools and public institutions. 

Their work is exhibited worldwide and part of several collections, amongst others: MOMA, New York; MAD, New York; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Crafts Council, London; Helsinki Design Museum; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Centraal Museum, Utrecht; Textiel Museum, Tilburg.

Having collaborated with Droog Design since its inception with the 1991 classics Chest of drawers, Rag Chair and Milkbottle Lamp, Remy&Veenhuizen have reached international acclaim. The Chest of Drawers was listed as one of the best designs over the last 100 years of Dutch Design and has reached an iconic status.

Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen both studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts, Department 3D-Design, and work together since 2000.


Atelier Remy&Veenhuizen

Uraniumweg 21

3542 AK, Utrecht

The Netherlands

+31 30 2944 945


"Not without humour do Remy&Veenhuizen succeed, with improvisation, for filling their boys' dreams. The world is their toolkit."  (Louise Schouwenberg, 2008)


Work in Public Collections

MoMA, New York | Cooper Hewitt, New York | San Francisco Museum of Modern Art | Indianapolis Museum of Art | Philadelphia Museum of Art | Victoria and Albert Museum, London | British Council, London | Crafts Council, London | Manchester City Gallery | Helsinki Design Museum | Villa Noailles, Hyeres, France | Die Neue Sammlung der Pinothek der Moderne Kunst, Munich | Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam | Groninger Museum | Centraal Museum, Utrecht | Textiel Museum, Tilburg


2011   House of Miffy, Centraal Museum, Utrecht

2010   At the Greenhouse, Design Biennial, Saint Etienne | Industry Gallery, Art Miami | Droog Design, Art Basel | Hands on, Industry gallery, Washington | Kleur, Designhuis Eindhoven | Natuurlijk VROM, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht | Orange County Museum, Newport Beach | Saved by Droog, Salone di Mobile, Milan | Sustain, Gallery Nexit, Arnhem    

2009  UFO, NRW Forum Dusseldorf | Hacking Ikea, Platform 21, Amsterdam | Gallery Karene Schuessler, Berlijn | Homeland, Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, New York | Droog Design, Art Miami | Nederlicht, Gorcums Museum, Gorichem  

2008   New Dutch Design, Uniquole, Moscow | Into Dutch design, Uniquole, Stockholm | Droog Now, Gallery Happa, Tokyo | Droog Now, Gallery Pantalon, Osaka | Second lives, Museum of Art and Design, New York | Binnen en buiten, Diseno Holandes, Dimad, Madrid | De nieuwe Salon, Willem Arntz Huis, Utrecht | The Truth of Basics | Onomatopee, Eindhoven | D-compose, International travelling exhibition, Hamburg | Guerrilla store, Inside design, Amsterdam

2007   NLA show, Gallery Acme, Los Angeles | Bamboo Labs, Krabbedans, Eindhoven 

2006   Designers making space, ABC Architectuurcentrum, Haarlem | Lost&Found, Galerie Binnen, Amsterdam | Lost&Found prolonged, Studio Hergebruik, Rotterdam | Design Boost, Stockholm   


In progress   Fence Enhancement, Arlington | Social Fence, School Viandenlaan, Breda

2013   Social Fence, Monarch School, San Diego

2012   Social Fence, Jan Nieuwenhuyzen School, Utrecht   

2010   Picture Point, Bredeschool, Hoogeveen

2009   Reef Bench, Picasso Lyceum, Zoetermeer | Bench 'Met mij alles goed", Dolhuys, Haarlem

2008   Jail Furniture, Jail Overmaze, Maastricht | Homeshaker, Hans Berger Instituut, Oosterhout | Exhibition Design for Annemarie van Sprang, Princessehof         Leeuwarden

2007   Bamboo Labs, Eindhoven | Social Fence, Noorderlichtschool, Dordrecht | Reception Area, Roc Apeldoorn | Cinekid Cinema Crate, Big Art for Little people, Cinekid | Interior of entrance, Karakter Youth Psychiatry, Ede

Lectures and workshops 

2012   Workshop Design Lab, Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam | Lecture, ICFF Flex Form Works, Bath | Lecture, Moma, New York | Lecture, Cranbrook University Detroit 

2010   Lecture and workshop, Vigo, Spain | Jury, Doen Materiaalprijs, Amsterdam | Lecture, University Drexel, Philidelphia | Lecture, Angers France Designschool | Workshop, ESAD Limoge

2009   Lecture and workshop, CA2M, Madrid | Lecture, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

2008   Lecture, Gallery Pantalon, Osaka | Lecture, Frieslandcollege, Leeuwarden | Lecture, Maupertus, Groningen | Lecture, Wallhouse, Groningen | Lecture, High Museum, Atlanta

2007   Lecture, Afval is voedsel, Architectuurcentrum Casa, Arnhem | Lecture, Museum  LACMA, Los Angeles

Fairs, Art fairs 

2013   Object Rotterdam

2009   Meesterlijk, Eindhoven | Object Rotterdam | Srcapless, Groningen 

2008   Form, London | Design + Design, Kunsthaus Zurich


2009   Christies, London | Quittenbaum, Munchen

2008   Pierre Berge, Brussel

2007   Art Curial, Paris | Phillips de Pury, New York | Wright  20, Chicago    

Publicity in Books / Television

2010   R.E.L., Kunstprogramma AVRO | Koffietijd, RTL4 | Inspiration, Maison & object, Paris, nr 17 | Street furniture, Chris van Uffelen, Braun publishing AG, Zwitserland | Multi materials (essay), Claudia Luling, Philipp Strohm

2009   Limited edition, Brikhauser, Berlijn | Ufo, NRW Forum Dusseldorf

2008   Re-usable, Uuskasutatav, Estland | Manufractured, Chronicle Books | Limited Editions Design Art, Stichting Kunstboek,Belgie | Second Lives, Museum of Art and Design |

2007   Sketching, Bis Publishers | Collections, Stichting Kunstboek, Belgie | Nexit Determineert, Nexit architecten | Dutch Design meets Bamboo, (Z)oo producties          

2006   A human touch, Droog  Design

Articles in Magazines and Newspapers

2010   New York Times | Washington Post

2009   Theme Magazine Living, Elsevier, NL | Archistorm, Frankrijk

2008   Dutch Design Dag | 'Kunst doet leven', De Architect, NL | Pasajes Diseno, Spain | 'Practice makes perfect', B-nieuws TU Delft, NL | 'Wer es wirklich wert ist', NZZ am Sonntag, Germany | Excellent, NL |  Textile in design, new style, NL | AMC Le Montieur, France | First Look, Dubai | Art News, USA

2007   'Echt', Stedebouw & Architectuur, NL | Goodies, NL | De Architect, NL | Millionair, NL |  Vivenda, NL | Turn the page, NL | "The best of Dutch Design', NRC Handelsblad, NL | "For the last 100 years', Schooldomein, NL

2006   Examen VMBO-gl en tl, NL

2005   Skyward, Japan | Frame, NL | Hanatsubaki Magazine, Japan

2004   New York Times Magazine | Design News 268, Japan  


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  • you can't lay down your memory
    Chest of Drawers: Prize on request
  • Ragchair
    Ragchair: Prize on request
  • Milk Bottle Lamp: € 975,-
  • Accidental Carpet: Prize on request
  • Accidental Carpet: Prize on request
  • Multi Vase: € 1.500,-
  • Multi Vase: € 1.500,-
  • Multi Vase: € 1.500,-
  • Glass Totem: € 275,-
  • foto ernst moritz
    Glass Arrangements: Prize on request
  • Bamboo Chair: price on request
  • Tube Table:
  • Prototype Foam Chair: € 350,-

Work of Remy&Veenhuizen can be ordered through:

On receiving your email we will give you a prize and delivery time.

The chest of Drawers, Ragchair and Milkbottle Lamp can also be purchased through Droog Design:

Customers from the USA can order through our agent in Los Angeles, Gallery Industry:

Industry Gallery

8687 Melrose Avenue, Suite B-270
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(424) 245 4662


Case Studies

  • st etteinne , bienale design
    Clubhouse Structure
  • autoglass shelter
    Car Window Structure
  • Bamboo Experiments
  • Weaving Experiments
  • the melting pot
    Melting Pot
  • foam seat-table
    Chair For Charity
  • Artificial Landscape
  • Soft Moulding
  • view in the maquette
    House of Miffy (Nijntje) Exhibition Proposal
  • Bling Bling Dolmen
  • Aquatic live, experiments in form and weaving patterns